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Author Topic: Classic Album of the weekend 09/21/08: King Diamond-- Conspiracy  (Read 17734 times)
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I believe this album to be the strongest King Diamond effort-- it's easily my favorite, but I also think this album totally put all the pieces together.  I'm definitely not detracting from Fatal Portrait or Them or the super-classic Abigail, but everything about this release  made me a ravenous fan of his solo stuff, whereas his previous stuff had me interested but not really seething.  The story, songwriting, the flow-- to me it's one of those few *perfect* concept albums-- LaRocque and King really seemed to be peaking here.

I'm not really sure where this album stands with others in relation to the early solo KD, so I'd be curious to see how others rank the first 5 full-length albums.  I'm including "The Eye" in there as that's often considered to be one of his hidden gems, and it also comes on the heels of Conspiracy and many years before his next proper release.

Favorite song:  tie between Sleepless Nights and The Wedding Dream

First 5 KD rankings:
1) Conspiracy
2) Abigail
3) Them
4) Fatal Portrait
5) The Eye

This post sums up how I feel precisely. I'm a big KD fan and Conspiracy has always been my favorite with Abigail a close second. The riffs! Oh, THE RIFFS!!! Love this album so much! King Diamond King Diamond King Diamond King Diamond King Diamond

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 King Diamond

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